Art begins in the landscape for me. My artistic process is at its best when I seamlessly and organically bring nature into my daily life. The natural landscape invites me to have a deeper connection with Planet Earth. I take every opportunity I can to hike the colorful hills of Northern California and enjoy the beauty and peace that they offer. Through my pursuit of the landscape, I find inspiration to paint and pay tribute to my beautiful surroundings.

See the glorious colors, light, shapes, shadows and reflections.

Feel spring coming alive, the winter chill, the dirt beneath my feet, the breeze on my face and the stillness that surrounds me.

Hear the wind in the trees, tall grasses swaying, the birds chirping, cows mooing, puppies barking.

Smell the morning dew, fragrant wildflowers, and the pollen in the air.

Taste the bugs that fly in my mouth and the cool water that quenches my thirst.  

I feel a sense of wonder when I'm in the great outdoors that captures my heart and soul.  

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