You are a bad-ass!  Empower yourself and others to live a colorful and joyful life.  Ask yourself, what inspires you and makes you come alive- THEN DO IT MORE OFTEN!

I  started painting this series of empowered women, when I went on a women's retreat, off of the Sonoma Coast, a few years ago.  The weekend was filled with good food, wine, long walks, talks, growth, tears, yoga, and friendship.  And, tons of gratitude!  I was at a crossroads in my painting career at that time, feeling like I was losing focus and confidence. Spending the weekend with these inspirational gals, jumpstarted me to a thriving, passionate and confident career as an artist.  It is truly a weekend I will never forget and am blessed to be friends, with this amazing group of women.



See women empowering each other, the positivity of togetherness, friendship, fun and fabulousness.

Hear loving words, soothing sounds, laughter, women inhaling confidence and exhaling doubt.

Smell sunshine, self-worth and self-discovery.

Taste inspiration, independence, intention, and good wine!

Feel passion, gratitude and the ripple effect of kindness.

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